'Press Release 6 Oct 2006 - SMP Shanghai Showdown'
'The World's Biggest Extreme Sports Park: Australian Design' - Eastern Daily
'World's Biggest Skatepark, Shanghai China' - SMP
'New Jiangwan City SMP Skatepark: Australian Design' - Eastern Daily
'Press Release 2005 - World's Biggest Skatepark Media Kit'

Shanghai China - SMP

SMP International - global licensor of the SMP and Shy lifestyle clothing brands has announced that construction of their 12 000 square metre skatepark in Shanghai China is nearing completion. Adjoining the skatepark is the 7000 square metre SMP Sportscentre, a leisure, office, restaurant and retail complex, servicing the park and the surrounding area.

Chengtou Construction, a Shanghai based state owned construction and infrastructure conglomerate is building the park as part of its redevelopment of the 9 square kilometer New Jiangwan City site, a former military airbase. The site includes shopping centres, schools, a Fudan University campus, boat marina, technology centre, residential and office precincts. Over 120 000 residents, students and workers will form the population of New Jiangwan City, located approximately 12 km NE of the CBD.

Convic Design, an Australian based specialist skatepark designer has overseen the planning and design phase of the project. They are also coordinating with Chengtou to ensure quality standards and design elements meet expectations.

The park will set new standards in design, featuring unique terrain, that includes the world's biggest vert ramp, the world's biggest concrete skate bowl (with 360 degree full pipe) and a 5000 capacity stadium. At a cost of over USD$26 million, the SMP Skatepark sets new standards across the board.

As part of the grand opening celebrations, the inaugural "SMP SHANGHAI SHOWDOWN" will be held on 6-7 OCTOBER 2005. The event will be a 2 day action sports and music festival, the first of its kind in China.

Confirmed athletes include SMP's own world number 2 NEAL HENDRIX, recent X Games champion PIERRE LUC GAGNON, world number 1 SANDRO DIAS, world number 4 LINCOLN UEDA, street specialists WILLY SANTOS, JOSH EVIN, DAYNE BRUMMET, GREG LUTZKA and inline skating prodigies EITO & TAKESHI YATSUTOKO and the ever talented FABIOLA DA SILVA. The event will feature skateboard, inline skate and BMX competitions as well as live music, festival activities and FMX demonstrations. It is set to be televised around the world on cable television.

The facility is also set to become the centre of an international athlete exchange program inviting professional and amateur action sports athletes from Europe, Australia, America and around Asia to come and experience the facility and meet and ride with people of all skill levels. The 46m long "hipped" vert ramp. Concrete skate heaven! Just a sample of the terrain. Construction of the park with the 7000 sq m SMP Sportscentre taking shape in the background.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the press kit, please contact SMP.